Before clawing into/getting clawed by the idea for FREELOADING, I swore off music journalism in all its forms and the Internet was of little to no interest as a subject for writing. Then I traveled to my family stomping grounds in The Driftless Area of Minnesota to write a novel. Or, start a novel. Which went nowhere. So I wandered around the meadows, sawed down Eastern Red Cedar trees, talked to myself, communed with the wildlife and—by complete surprise—recorded an album of demos. This taste of the creative process offered a new vantage on old assumptions, then anger, then the writing which led to the book.

Below are a few songs from the period and you can click on the album art to hear more. The sounds at the end of planes are a late night mixture of crickets and pissy families of Barn Swallows chirping down from the rafters.

In the years following I've continued to write songs and am planning to begin performing again in the near future.