"Our biggest enemies are people who support creative industries?"



My post on censorship elicited a bit of discussion today, which reminded me of this video of Anil Dash speaking at the Berkman Center on the rhetoric and aftermath of the SOPA protests (thanks to Richard Bennett for the link). Very refreshing comments to hear from the tech/openness community. I take the idealism of many open web folks at face value. I just hope that, going forward, more idealists will recognize the fact that "openness" should not excuse the mass exploitation of working artists. If you want rights for yourself, you also need to acknowledge the legitimate rights of others. From the video above (start at 38:20):

That willingness to pat ourselves on the back uncritically. Say, "Look we won! We beat the evil movie industry!" It's like, "These are our allies!" These were early free speech advocates, right--the creative industries, in music and movies--that we should identify with them as artists. And that we're vilifying them, seems like, somebody's getting over a pretty good trick on us. Our biggest enemies are people who support creative industries? That can't be the case. And again that comes from this arrogance of, "Well they're dinosaurs. They're a legacy industry..." I know people in this room tend to be a little more evolved in their thinking, but the people that we count on to rally behind our efforts--they don't see us being publicly critical of one another or critical of ourselves. And I think that's one of the reasons it didn't work (the open web).